Goodbye(?) Twitter, You Wonderful Hellscape

Friday, November 18, 2022

Right now Twitter may be operating today, but with a lot of Twitter staff not staying on for the troll's Twitter 2.0, it seems like it might actually be dying out. And the vibe on the timeline last night was very much like "Bye Bye Life" from All That Jazz.

Just doing what Twitter does best: good and overused jokes about its demise, last words, and sincerity about the friends you made along the way. 

If you look at my feed, you wouldn't think I was that active on it. But I wasn't someone who like every tweet a friend would post or reply to celebrity or trending posts (unless I had come up with a good line or response to a prompt). But I would check it every day for news, both actual and pop culture, sports scores, and just try to find some fun stuff. So I'll miss it for that. Not in the ways it helped to worsen our society, hence the hellscape in the title. Thankfully my Twitter usage never ventured into that.

I Want a Studio Apartment

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

I have have roommates since 2014 when I started college, and I would like to live alone now please.

I want my own little space. And a kitchen to myself. And bathroom. Bathroom, especially. Not have to be cognizant of others, can be as neat or messy as I want or need, and relax. I can do my own things on my own time, and not have to wait for others to finish up whatever they were doing. 

A big part of it is that I've never really had a space of my own to decorate. It's always been tiny rooms with no spaces for shelving, fancy tables and chairs, and not great wall space for hanging things up. I've been browsing a few websites looking at home decor to get an idea of what my home style is. 

The main thing I'm looking forward to though, is my entertainment set up. In the apartments I've lived in, I've never had space for my record player or record collection. They never even made the move from home, and I've been missing them since. I could also get a DVD/Blu-ray player, because while streaming is great, as we're learning from HBO Max, just because it's there today doesn't mean you can watch it tomorrow. Which is why I wan my DVD's back and to add to the collection. And maybe be fancy and maybe get those Criterion Editions of classic movies. Just thinking about the lists of movies and music to buy is getting me excited about the potential of my own space. 

And a shelf for my books!

My Teeth are Fucked and I'm Finally Doing Something About It

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

My mouth is fucked. And the most fucked up thing is that my teeth didn't get fucked and start shifting until I was an adult. My canines started to become snaggled, pushing my two front teeth in, and then that is degrading my bottom row of teeth. So I got Invisalign. 

I never knew teeth could be sore. Those first couple days were awful. The first night my teeth hurt so much I couldn't even bite a muffin. And it was such a shame because it was a really good corn muffin and I love corn muffins. Thankfully that only lasted a couple days. And I hope when I put in the new tray each week it won't be that bad. 

As of now the only drawback is how annoying it is to snack. I love snacking. I even had to come up with a trick to curb the snacking. I don't think I need that trick anymore. The annoyance and inconvenience of having to take out the trays just to have a cookie doesn't feel worth it. Check back in once my teeth have shifted and it's easier to take them out, but as of now, my eating will be the best it's ever been.

Even though it sucks right now, and my brain is still having trouble processing how this is going to be my life for the next seven months, I can't wait for the end result. My teeth straight and not feeling like they're trying to make a run for it from my mouth. And also to only have a retainer to wear at night. That's great, too.

It's Been a Bit...

Thursday, November 3, 2022

 So it's been a bit since I've posted here. It wasn't like a planned absence, it just kind of happened. Work was slowing down, and then I had a week off, and then I was back at work and there wasn't much going on. And I was really enjoying that lull. Just let my body and brain relax because I knew it was only a matter of time before the early calls and long days would start again. I was the most well-rested since I started working in film and tv. Going to work at 7:30 for an eight of nine hour day was heaven. I cherish those days more and more with every ring of my alarm going off at 5 in the morning for a twelve hour day. I miss you.

I Have Been Processing My Thoughts on Dear Evan Hansen Since 2017

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Dear Evan Hansen is closing on Broadway and it's got me really starting to formulate my thoughts on this show fully in a really long time. I was one of the fortunate who got to see the original cast (Mike Faist!). I say fortunate just because to be able to get tickets to a blockbuster musical during the original cast's, especially with someone giving a performance like Ben Platt, is fortunate. Honestly, a lot of his problems of being wrong when it came time to the movie was that awful hair. Not to knock the understudies or new casts, because some of the performers we discover or come in for a run are phenomenal, and in this show specifically I would've loved to witness Jordan Fisher perform "Waving Through a Window". But to be able to get a ticket to the original run of a production is always a special thing. So I'm glad I was able to see it while it was a hard ticket to get. All that being said, now onto my issues with it. 

A Night at Harry's House

Friday, September 16, 2022

I was one of the lucky ones that ventured into Harry's House at Madison Square Garden. 

I'm not somebody who goes to concerts a lot. I don't really like being in big crowds, especially screaming crowds. And if the bass settings are too high, I start getting a migraine like halfway through the night. But I have been to some shows over the years, including to One Direction's first two US tours. At those One Direction shows, people lost their damn minds. At the Up All Night tour, someone had spotted Niall behind the amphitheater, it was a stampede to get a peek at him.

I was scared that that would be the vibe at a Harry show. It wasn’t thankfully. I mean, girls still screamed their faces off, but there was moire actually singing along and dancing than there was at those One Direction shows. And Harry didn’t really stop and chat that much. He kept the show moving along, which I think ultimately kept the crowd under control. The one time he did stop though, he found someone in the crowd who was celebrating here 21st birthday and got all of Madison Square Garden to sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

The actual music was amazing to hear live, especially when he brought out the horn section. The set list was structured great, where each sing really flowed into the next and there weren’t drastic energy changes. For his encore, he did “Sign of the Times”, “As It Was”, and “Kiwi”, and judging by the audience reaction to that last song, it’s not a common occurrence.

Just. a great show and a great night of music. 

Finally Saw Jaws For the First Time (and on the Big Screen)

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Saturday was National Cinema Day, and to celebrate it, all movie tickets were sold for $3. Normally, I hear about things like this the next day and wish I'd heard about it earlier. Not this time. This time I heard about this deal two days before managed to get a ticket. And the movie I chose was Jaws.

This was doubly good, because I had never seen it before. I’m scared of sharks, so a monster movie where the monster is a shark is not something that would interest me. And I knew that the shark wasn’t in it that much, but still. Shark bad.

But it’s been one of the major gaps in my film watching for so long, this was the perfect opportunity to cross it off my list. And it was great! Finally got to see the USS Indianapolis monologue in its full context. The shark is still scary, and with almost 50 years of jump scares between then and now, it still makes you jump. And thanks to Roy Scheider, I want to watch All That Jazz again, and for Richard Dreyfus’s, maybe check out Close Encounters of the Third Kind, another Spielberg classic I haven’t seen yet.

Thanks to this experience, it also makes me want to see more classic films on the big screen, whether it be an epic, a film noir, a musical, or a classic comedy or drama. Movies in the big screen improving the viewing experience, who’d a thunk it?

Can MTV Put Back the "Music" in Music Television?

Friday, August 26, 2022

On most days when you turn to MTV, it's usually Ridiculousness filling up the airwaves. And I get it, Ridiculousness can be fun, but not for all hours of the day. And it really makes you think of MTV's current programming slate compared to it slates of days gone by. There is the MTV Classic channel, which plays a lot of old music videos, but it’s not been a part of MTV’s programming really since TRL ended in 2008. I know television ratings aren't what they used to be, for every network, so I get the cost benefit analysis for all of the Ridiculousness. And especially in the seemingly unstable age of streaming. But, there seems to be no effort to do any sort of music programming. And I am saying this as a casual observer of the network who really only watches MTV for The Challenge.

But there’s so many interesting things happening with music right now, they could go back to being Music Television.

Since there is no longer a monoculture where everyone is watching the same stuff, you don't have to go for juggernaut ratings, and you can get more creative with what you put on the air. Especially with Paramount+ as their parent company’s streaming service as a place where their programming can be made available. TRL doesn't have to be hitting the same numbers it was when it was the show. It can be retooled. It could be prerecorded, with maybe live specials if a major artist wants to do a big promotion for their video or album. Something to take us through the week in music. With this, you could bring back the VJ. Program music videos and performances of now and yesterday, and have the VJs guide us through it all. It would also make the Video Music Awards kind of matter again, too. It feels better to hold them when MTV is actually airing music videos on the network. And make MTV Unplugged a bit more of a regular event. NPR's Tiny Desk Concert gets a lot of views so there is an audience for an artist doing an acoustic performance. 

Bring back MTV News. There could also be roundtables with music critics and music writers. Whether it be a round up of music of the week, or talking about what's happening in music at the moment. A major bit of programming MTV News could do is festival coverage. With the amount of festivals that are being put on right now, that's an opportunity to send out reporters to talk to artists, festival goers, report on the highs and lows of the festival on the ground. I don't think we're in danger of another Woodstock 99 happening, especially after the HBO doc and the Netflix docuseries about it, so it would be safe to have your crews there. 

Another thing they can do is to redo all those old VH1 countdowns. Top 100 albums, artists, women in music, music videos, break it down by genre. As many topics as you can think of. Even bring back the I Love the Decade franchise. Do you know how many days I spent glued watching those when they would rerun them on weekends. Again, if you want to break up the Ridiculousness reruns, make of these and you can really diversify the days. But, really, doing some programming about music history and pop culture can be very instrumental. Lots of people love music docs, so produce or squire docs on artists, eras, events, and keep all that music alive for people. 

The point is, we're in a different age where I think MTV can shift back to their original mission statement. Music Television. That's not to say you have to abandon all their reality stuff. Keep The Challenge going for as long as it's good. But there could be an appetite for music television again.

The Baked Good Trick to Stop Snacking

Monday, August 22, 2022
I've been having a snacking problem of late. They are provided at work, and the selection is great. Top tier snackage is going on. So I needed to find a way to curb it.

Enter: the baked good.

One day, I had grabbed a muffin from crafty, but I guess I got caught up in something, so I didn't eat it immediately, so it stayed next to me at my table. And once I got less busy, I didn't eat it, it just sat there. And sat there. 

But because it sat there, I didn't grab other things to eat. I had food near me, so I didn't feel the need to grab other snacks. I had a snack, so why grab more? And it's really helped. When I do grab a snack, it immediately goes into my backpack. Out of sight, out of mind, and I get a snack for when I get home.

That's really it. Just my little mental tricks to not snack during the day. Passing on the knowledge if you want to curb unnecessary snacking during your day. 

Narrative Won't Compute

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cannot. Process. Story. Narrative. Won't. Compute. Test Failed.

And it sucks. There are so many shows and movies piling up in watchlists and DVR space that are waiting for me to hit play. But I can't pay attention to story right now. I don't know why it happens. 

There are things I can put my focus on. I can watch documentaries. I loved The Last Movie Stars, Ethan Hawke's documentary series about Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. Also, been watching a lot of Mets games this year. This fact also coincides with the fact that they're good this year, but still, when I can I've been watching games in full, or at least a couple innings before I go to bed. 

I haven't watched The Bear or Prey yet. I have Scorsese's The Age of Innocence recorded. And Paris Blues, one of the films Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward made together, this time with other star couple Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll. So many other movies that just keep getting added to my various watchlists on streaming platforms just sitting there, waiting to be watched. 

I think I just don't have the brain power after twelve hour days to pay attention, and then it can bleed into my weekend viewing. I think I really just need to force myself to watch something. Now something I care about, so if this test fails again, I won't be disappointed that I didn't pay attention to something I actually wanted to see. But it also can't be something I'll hate, and just sit there and stew while forcing my brain to process garbage. Now I have a plan: watch something that's not top priority on my watchlist, but something I'll still actually like. 

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