Musicals That Should Get the Live Broadcast Treatment

Friday, December 3, 2021
With Annie Live! airing on NBC, the live musical broadcast is back! And it’s got me thinking about the next musicals I’d like to see get this sort of treatment.

Clips That Bring Me Joy, Vol. IX Stephen Sondheim Edition

Monday, November 29, 2021

 I love these clips. I hope you love these clips. And I thought since there is now a giant in the sky, I'd find some of my favorite performances of his work. May your memory be a blessing, Stephen Sondheim.

Stephen Sondheim, What Will We Do Without You?

Saturday, November 27, 2021

There is a giant in the sky. The greatest to ever do it, Stephen Sondheim. I don't have the words myself to describe what a loss he is. I look forward to reading pieces about the impact of his work, and his influence on and support of new artists, something that is beautifully illustrated in a scene from Tick, Tick... Boom!, in a voicemail left by Sondheim himself.

Since Sondheim has passed, I'm going to do a deeper dive into his work than I've ever done before, because while I know pretty about much his whole career, I haven't listened to everything. That's going to be a great time of discovery for me and I can't wait for it.

I think there's a reason that when writers pass away, no matter the medium, is because they are the ones who make us laugh, and cry, and put words to our feelings that we didn’t have before. And the way his lyrics have been making the rounds in tweets and statements about his passing, that seems to be true. I mean, I did it in the title and first sentence of this post. 

There is one lyric that has been making the rounds that from Anyone Can Whistle that I've just learned, that I think will sum up the legacy of Stephen Sondheim and his work.

None of it was wasted, all of it will last.

I Saw My First Broadway Show Since February 2020

Sunday, November 21, 2021

I finally made it back to Broadway! The last show I saw before the world ended was Moulin Rouge. And now, 21 months later, my first show in this new world order is Six. And it was a blast! I'm glad the first show I saw back was such a fun jolt of energy. And it has me super excited for what other shows I can get tickets to.

The production I was looking forward to seeing before everything shut down was the Katrina Lenk led revival of Company. The original cast album is one of my favorites, but I've never seen a production of it before, and to see one that's taking the material in a new direction will be a cool thing to see. And I loved Katrina Lenk when I saw her in The Band's Visit, so to get to see her again will be a treat. 

Other than that, I'll have to look to see what's opening. I hope to see some straight plays, too, broaden my Broadway horizons a bit because usually when picking shows when growing up and it'd be a once a year thing, we'd try to see the big musical. But now that I'm in New York and not Florida and can go whenever I want/get a good deal on a ticket, I can see more plays and musicals.

Autumn in New York

Saturday, November 20, 2021

There really is nothing like autumn in New York. The gorgeous orange the city seems to turn when the leaves change and fall. It just looks magical. The kind of magic that makes me want to dig out my polaroid camera and bowler hat. 

Chillin’, Literally and Figuratively

Friday, November 19, 2021

The job I'm on now has finished filming, so we're just wrapping thing everything out and chilling, looking for that next gig. That's not chill, but I'm staying in the mindset of the chillness or wrap out. It's a vibe that I don't usually possess, but this job has also affected my vibes in a way previous jobs haven't. The last few days before IATSE's near strike, the weird vibe if that time got to me, too, of just like, I don't know if we have work on Monday or not but we're still carrying on even though the strike felt like a near certainty. And then it didn't happen and it was back to normal, and now it's chill. Except for the looking for the next job thing, that's kind of harshing the chill, but I'm trying not to let it.

It's also so cold. Like, wore socks over my tights so my feet don't freeze but I can still look cute, cold. Yesterday it was 68 degree day, and today it feels like the gods were teasing us before sending us to our frozen hell for the next few months. So I need to do all the fall things before it gets unbearably cold and dressing 95% for warmth instead of where I'm at right now, which is at about 60%.

I'm planning on doing a walk in Central Park to see all the fall colors and you'll probably see a post inspired by that, hopefully with pictures. Maybe I'll stop and get a hot french vanilla for my walk and put on a podcast. 

Just trying to keep the chill going for as long as I can. 

200th Post Mile Marker

Saturday, November 6, 2021


And that's about all the celebration I could muster this milestone, but I wanted to mark it because it's a big deal. I've been keeping up with this little blog and trying to put out good stuff. 

So I would like to acknowledge this miler marker and keep on keeping on.

Cozy Season is the Best Season

Thursday, November 4, 2021

And it is the season for me. 

The only time I don't really like the cold is when I'm in the cold so long and get the shakes and it settles into my bones

But I do love the fall season. It's not unreasonably hot anymore, I can wear my cute and/or big jackets. I can drink hot chocolates or hot french vanillas (which how is that drink not more widespread?). 

And it’s also the season of fluffy socks and sweaters and sitting curled up under piles of blankets. Of feel good movies and shows we watch year after year or discover for the first time. 

Just typing this makes me want to curl up in bed.

Can People Chill a Bit About Spoilers?

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Apparently a spoiler got out about Eternals and fans are starting to get into it about the media spoiling the movie when they write their reviews. And one stupid tweet about non-disclosure agreements for journalists and critics that they pay a million dollar fine if they break. Seriously, that is a thing someone tweeted

And, like, relax. Everyone has a different bar for what constitutes a spoiler. My deal with spoilers is that if you find it in the plot description or the first thirty minutes, it is not a spoiler. How else would you be interested in the movie if you didn't have some idea of what you were getting?

Now, specifically for comic book movies and the people that love them: check yourself. I know you want to go in as fresh as you can, but just because you found a spoiler does not mean you get to vilify someone or an outlet for publishing it. It's a plot detail.

Of course there are exceptions to this. There are some movies that thrive on the secrecy of a big twist, like Psycho or The Sixth Sense. And there are some movies, like Karyn Kusama's The Invitation, that you should be as clean as you possibly can. That's when I listen to the critics I trust when they say go in as clean as you can and put my trust in that. But that is not true of every movie that gets made, especially for all of these franchises. Sometimes you find things out before you see it and it's not a big deal. Sometimes finding a thing out increases your interest in a project. I've definitely had experiences of finding out a plot detail and thinking "oh I need to see that play out". 

And for television these days, we wall watch shows at our own pace now, so just don't be an asshole about something. If you know someone doesn't know a big piece of information that comes later in a show's run, don't tell them, unless they are the kind of person where spoilers don't matter to them. But if it's a big zeitgeist show like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones were, where people are watching and freaking out about developments as it airs each week, give time to catch up but don't stop yourself from joining in on the water cooler talk. Again, just don't be an asshole.

The Beatles Get Back into Doc Form, Again

Thursday, October 14, 2021

 There is never a shortage of documentaries about The Beatles. But this one might seem to be the definitive one on why the split was inevitable.

But first: how is this footage only being released now? Was there some sort of deal that it wouldn't be shown for fifty years or what? (Also the quality of the footage is beautiful.)

I haven't watched any of the other Beatles docs out there. Not because I heard they were bad, but because what else can you say about them. But with this, I don't know. I feel like because you have all this footage, it's more than stringing tour and performance footage over talking heads. 

And after this, I think we'll be good on Beatles docs for a while. Find other bands and musicians to do documentaries about.

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