Bookshelf: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I watched the HBO miniseries well before I finally picked up this book. And it’s usually weird reading the book a movie or tv show you like is based on second. You notice the changes, the side stuff that was taken out. But I didn’t feel that with Sharp Objects. It felt like it’s own distinct entity from the show in a way I haven’t felt with a book I had already watched.

Reading it helped me appreciate the show much more, and having watched the show already made me appreciate the book. Because I knew the ending going in, I could really spend time with Camille as a character and not consumed with sussing out the whodunnit of the case.

As more novels are being adapted into miniseries, like Normal People and Little Fires Everywhere, it’d be interesting to experience the source material and see what changes were made for television and how it’d shaped my experience with both tellings of the story.

Reasons I Wish I Were Taller

Sunday, June 20, 2021

 I stand 4'10", so I am very small. While I am okay with being a shortie, there are benefits to being a tall person I very much want.

  • take stairs two at a time
  • "where are your parents, sweetheart?"
  • won't get trapped in the subway crush
  • won't be bumped into and run over in crowds
  • more leg power when lifting boxes
  • more wingspan when carrying boxes
  • won't drag long things on the ground when carrying them
  • no more scampering to catch up to others
  • "yes, i'm tall enough to ride the rides" (barely)

Television Shows I've Never Seen an Episode Of, At All

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 These shows are considered the best of the best the medium of television has to offer. I have not seen an episode. I may have seen clips, but I haven't sat down and watched even the first episode of these series.

There are shows that, especially before DVR and streaming, you just miss it. Maybe you could catch a rerun eventually, or if you’re willing to invest your money into it, buy the season box set and catch up before the next season. Or, like, some of these you were just too young to watch.

The case with some of the more current shows is that there’s just so much television now that you have to pick how many shows you take on. Or they are more niche shows that gain cultural cache but you are so far behind the run that it seems too daunting to catch up. Or you just see a show that’s totally up your alley, say you’ll catch up over its offseason, and then just never do.

Some of these shows I will probably never watch, some I just haven't gotten to yet. Some of these are a point of pride that I haven't watched them and will never watch it, so suck it. (And there are shows I wish were on this list, but unfortunately do not qualify.) 

Just Bought Sunscreen and Aloe, So It's Officially the Start of Summer

Saturday, June 12, 2021
I have that Irish skin. So sunscreen and aloe are must haves just for me to survive these horrible summer months. 

Most sunscreens are awful for my skin, aside (but not always) from burns. It dries it out and that is not a helpful feeling in an already dry and hot climate. So this time, I decided to upgrade to the Neutrogena SPF 100 sunscreen. It's the highest SPF I've ever used so I'm hoping that helps with the whole not burning thing. And it's my first sunscreen from a skincare brand, so I'm hoping that also means that my skin is taken care in multiple ways.

I'm still gonna be a hot tomato at some points, because that is my life, so I got aloe. Just the Target store brand as that was all that's available, but that doesn't matter because aloe is aloe, and it is in my fridge as I type and will be ready when I inevitably need it.

Here's to summer fun ad taking care of your skin!

It's Been So Long Since I've Watched a Movie

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

 I think the last movie I saw was when I was able to go see Almost Famous, in January, and that was after an even longer stretch without a movie night. I for some reason cannot concentrate on a thing for two hours.

This really started during the early days of lockdown and quarantine for the pandemic. For some reason sitting for a movie seemed daunting. But tv, because you could chunk it. If you want to watch an episode of a drama, and then watch a second bringing your total to two hours, it's not as big of a deal since there is that break between episodes. You can go to the bathroom, get a snack, fart around on your phone and not feel like you're interrupting the story that's being told. 

And I would love to watch a movie. Every month when new movies show up on streaming services, I go through and add all the movies I've wanted to watch to all my different watchlists. There are so many that have been on my personal "why haven't you seen this yet" list. 

(Another factor is that my hours at work were ridiculously early and long, so I also barely add the time or energy to watch tv during the week, and weekend were for catching up on sleep.)

I just need to pick a movie, lay down, and watch it. But, what do I watch?

Has Spongebob Left My Brain?

Friday, June 4, 2021

 Spongebob quotes and references have been popular at work lately, and with the trailer for The Patrick Star Show, and I've been missing a lot of them. 

Is all that knowledge gone? All those hours spent watching that cartoon just erased from by brain? I was wracking my brain and I could only come up with the obvious stuff. My leg. Chocolate. Krusty Krab Pizza. And that's really all I can come up with as I write this.

I haven't watched in episode in about ten years, so that would make sense. Especially as the newer episodes were going down in quality. But still, makes me sad that that knowledge is going away. So many opportunities for jokes I could make, just gone.

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