I've Been Starting Shows As Soon As I Know They're Ending

Sunday, March 31, 2019
Tonight is the beginning of the final season of Veep, and I finally binged the whole series in time for the premiere. And about damn time I did because it is so funny, and the insults give me life.

But that is a pattern for me. The first time I ever binged a show because I heard it was ending, and I wanted to watch the final season or finale in real time was Breaking Bad. I binged the whole show in three days before the series finale, because I had heard so much about the show, but I didn't know a lot of the plot details so I didn't want the series ruined for me because people were talking about the ending. So, I embarked on one of the darkest weekends of my life.

I guess I do this because I have been burned by so many shows, particularly dramas, that just go south. It happened with the Lifetime show UnReal. It had a spectacular first season, that I encourage everyone to watch, but the quality of the show steadily declined for seasons 2 and 3 that I didn't even bother finishing the third season or starting the fourth. Because of that, I want to wait and watch the critics and audience respond to the show, and at some point I will pick it up. I will probably know a bit more about the arc of the show than I would like, but that is the price I pay for quality television.

I Do Not Understand The Bachelor

Monday, March 11, 2019
So, "The Bachelor" finale is tonight and the audience will find out what happened after Colton jumped that fence. And I can proudly say, I have never seen an episode of "The Bachelor". The most I've ever seen of that show is random clips on talk shows that then make fun of it, and I laugh.

But for some reason, I have been following this season through recaps on pop culture websites because apparently this season was ridiculous. Three people self-eliminated themselves, which is apparently a Bachelor record. Most of them cited that the format of the show wouldn't allow them to really get to know Colton, with Cassie, the girl Colton really fell for, didn't want to be engaged at then end of the show because it was too fast.

That is my reasoning for why this show is so stupid. All of the contestants talk about how much they love him, even though they barely spent any time with him. The only way I can reconcile why they begin to feel this way is because they are so cooped up in the house, and then the competition starts to sink in, and everyone goes insane.

Yet this still keeps running, and the formula keeps repeating. Most of those relationships don't last, but they still believe they will find love.

Honestly the only good thing that came of this show is the first season of Lifetime's "Unreal", now streaming on Hulu.
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