With Streaming in Chaos, I'm Gonna Check Out Broadcast Network Television

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Streaming is in chaos. Shows are getting canceled and disappearing, and all of it for tax write offs, so sustainable business model this is not. It feels like in the next couple years, all of the streaming stuff is gonna collapse, I'm looking at the older modes of movies and television. Mainly, watching movies in theaters and buying DVDs, and network television.

The network sitcom is making a comeback, spearheaded by Abbott Elementary. I also love American Auto and Grand Crew. And because Night Court is back, I'm gonna start that and the original series. I've also heard nothing but good things about Home Economics. So I've got comedies lined up. It's the dramas that are gonna be interesting finds. I don't really know what's happening with that, so suggestions would be much appreciated. Though I did see a trailer for the new Milo Ventimiglia show, The Company You Keep, coming soon, and that looks very fun, so I'll probably tune into that.

I know people don't really care about network television anymore. It was cable, then premium cable, and now streaming where all the "quality" television is. But, as we've seen with Abbott, if you make a quality show, people will show up for it. And networks should learn from that success and put the effort in. Linear television doesn't have to die, life just needs to be put into it, on both the networks' and the audiences' parts.

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