I Think I Had the Easiest Wisdom Teeth Removal Ever

Monday, July 27, 2020
So last Wednesday, I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. As it's now been five days, I feel like I can talk about my progress without jinxing anything. 

I'm doing amazing.

Coming out of the anesthesia, I was loopy but still kind of with it. However, you would not know that just by communicating with me, because I sounded like a purring kitten. A lot of "rows" and "ows".

And once that wore off, I was never in huge amounts of pain. Was there discomfort? Oh definitely. But nothing the prescription strength ibuprofen couldn't handle. No oxycontin necessary for me. Also, the swelling didn't really last the first day. I looked pretty normal that night.

This was not what I was expecting because the last two people in my family to get their wisdom teeth out had miserable experiences, and one of them was my sister. She had such a miserable time I prepared for the worst, and really my only issues is that it's still uncomfortable to chew so I'm still on soft foods. If that's my only issue, that I can only comfortably eat pasta and ice cream, then I'll take it.

Getting My Wisdom Teeth Pulled Tomorrow

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Woo-hoo. The joys of wisdom teeth removal.

This is actually going to be my first major medical procedure. I have been to the emergency room twice in my life, and both times nothing was done because there was nothing to be done.

When I was four, I had a nose bleed that lasted for over half an hour and my parents were concerned about that. I'm just a nosebleed kid. That was a fun Christmas Eve. On my 12th birthday at softball practice, I caught a fly ball with my face. My mom thought I broke my nose so we went to the ER, nope. Just a fat lip for three days. Happy Birthday to me!

Mainly this means it'll be my first time experience anesthesia and heavy duty pain meds. When my sister got her wisdoms out two years ago, she filmed herself swaying to that angels song by Sarah McClachlan. So hopefully I'll do something funny, too.

Not looking forward to the week of not feeling like a human. That does not look like a fun time.

Bookshelf: My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh

Sunday, July 19, 2020
Everyone has had that fantasy of sleeping for a year and waking up a new person; totally motivated and able to deal with life and be the person you've always wanted to be. This book puts that into practice. What would it take to actually pull off being asleep for a year? And what would it actually be like while you're in it?

This is pretty much like the quarantine book for the ages. For those whose lives were put on indefinite hold thanks to the incompetency of the cheeto-in-chief, it really has felt a bit like hibernation. A state of stasis, hopefully without the self-medicating.

This book is definitely not like anything else I've read. Our narrator is one of the messiest people who has been the focus of a novel. But through her drug-induced state, you do come to realize why this period of sleep was a rational decision for her and that you want her to get what she wanted out of it.

With The Theatrical Experience in Flux, I'm Concerned About the Smaller Movies

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
With movie theater openings being pushed back because of the pandemic, the concern has mostly been about the biggest tentpoles, namely Tenet and Mulan because those are supposed to be the first out of the gate. There are a lot talk about what it means for the theatrical experience, but it's the uncertainty of the smaller movies that is scaring me more.

Earworm: Hamilton Cast Album

Friday, July 3, 2020
The Hamilton cast album has been in steady rotation since it came into my life in the fall of 2015. I was trying to hold off on listening to it because I had the pipe dream of being able to see the show. That line of thinking did not last long. So by Christmas of 2015, I had listened to the cast album, realistically, a hundred times over. But, my parents being theater loving people and good deal hunters, managed to find reasonably priced tickets to see the original cast on Broadway. Best Christmas/early birthday present ever. March 10, 2016. Best night ever.

And even though the general hype for the show died down and my own love was starting to fade, a good chunk of the cast album was still in rotation, especially when I listened to my show tunes playlist on spotify. I don't really listen to the sadder songs that much, mainly because I need to be in a certain "I need a good, big cry" mood. The songs that I still listen to pretty regularly are (in chronological order) "You'll Be Back", "Satisfied", "Wait For It", "What'd I Miss", "The Room Where It Happens", and "Washington On Your Side".

I think those songs are the highlights of the show. The character pieces of "You'll Be Back", "Satisfied", "Wait For It", and "What'd I Miss". The jazzy political intrigue of "The Room Where It Happens", and "Washington On Your Side".  It all fits to tell some of the stories of the characters in the show and expose how they think and how they operate, all while being great earworms.

It is some of the best of musical theater and what it can do, and why theater is one of the greatest forms of art that there is.

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