I've Been Starting Shows As Soon As I Know They're Ending

Sunday, March 31, 2019
Tonight is the beginning of the final season of Veep, and I finally binged the whole series in time for the premiere. And about damn time I did because it is so funny, and the insults give me life.

But that is a pattern for me. The first time I ever binged a show because I heard it was ending, and I wanted to watch the final season or finale in real time was Breaking Bad. I binged the whole show in three days before the series finale, because I had heard so much about the show, but I didn't know a lot of the plot details so I didn't want the series ruined for me because people were talking about the ending. So, I embarked on one of the darkest weekends of my life.

I guess I do this because I have been burned by so many shows, particularly dramas, that just go south. It happened with the Lifetime show UnReal. It had a spectacular first season, that I encourage everyone to watch, but the quality of the show steadily declined for seasons 2 and 3 that I didn't even bother finishing the third season or starting the fourth. Because of that, I want to wait and watch the critics and audience respond to the show, and at some point I will pick it up. I will probably know a bit more about the arc of the show than I would like, but that is the price I pay for quality television.
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