Okay, Sure, Happy Birthday, Whatever

Friday, February 15, 2019
So today is my birthday. I am not a party person, so birthdays were never really my thing and I never really cared if I had a huge party or not. It's just another day. I do not understand the big deal people make of birthdays. I get the milestone ages because they are a big deal, but any other average birthday I am fine with a low-key dinner or get together. I don't need that much.

In high school birthdays were a big deal. People would receive a gigantic amount of balloons and would be swamped with gift bags. And as much as I don't want the attention, you can't help but feel jealous watching others get that outpouring of love. And who doesn't love getting presents?

But then you remember that you don't need it. And you can be content with the way you like to celebrate instead of being concerned with how others do.
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