Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Entering into adult life is overwhelming. There's a million ways you could go to start your career, and a million places where you can begin that career. And for someone who has been living with depression and anxiety for most of their life, that feeling of being overwhelmed is increased tenfold.

Making decisions become harder, because all I can see is the many ways I can fail or get stuck in something that makes me unhappy and can't find my way out. Then there is also the feeling that I don't know everything that I need to know to be a professional, or just a functioning adult in society. But, this means I'm stuck in a different limbo. The limbo where I haven't made a decision about what to do, and no decision at all is a decision, becoming altogether numb as days pass.

Unfortunately, the only way out of this situation, is through. And that is just amplifying the terror. Here's hoping I can.
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