Holey Moley is Perfect Television

Thursday, August 20, 2020
Holey Moley is perfect television. Mini golf, but massive? Love it. Simultaneously in on the joke and self-aware? Comedy genius. Genuine moments of classic sports tension? Yes.

I mean, yes, this is ridiculous. But we need ridiculous television. Most competition shows these days are either too mired in alliances and deceits, or are too earnest in their emotions where I cringe every time a video package starts rolling. And there's none of that here. The competition between the players is all in good fun.

Our hosts are spectactular. Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore have great chemistry and pull off those vintage ABC sportscaster jackets. They thread the needle of the show's tone of being in on the joke and totally aware that what they are commentating is ridiculous. And again, those jackets.

But the best thing about this show, the contestants don't come off as fools. They know the joke of the show are up to the task. They build their own characters and personas, and are having a blast. My personal favorite is Mr. Applesauce.

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