What is Fashion in the Age of Corona?

Friday, September 11, 2020
My wardrobe has consisted of sweats, cotton shorts, and basic tees and tanks. The occasional skirt and my one pair of denim shorts. I haven't worn jeans since I fled to Florida. The rest of my wardrobe I don't even remember.

Given that when we leave our homes or wherever we landed to bunker down, there's very few safe places to actually go. Why would we get moderately dressed up to go grocery shopping?

Very few times I had gotten properly dressed, and it wasn't until months into quarantine when outdoor dining started to be a thing we could safely do. And it was weird. I actually put thought into what I looked like.

Because of that, I'm starting to look at my wardrobe that I would not put in my "comfy" section, and I remembered, "oh yeah, I have style".

And I think by moving past the urge to wear only clothes that we could comfortably sleep in, it could at least help in our quest to move through this seemingly never ending pandemic.
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