My Atypical Relationship with Watching Stranger Things

Friday, July 1, 2022
So Stranger Things is a phenomenon, and one that I've had a strange (ha) relationship with compared to other tv shows that are cultural phenomena. Breaking Bad I binged like everyone else. Game of Thrones I knew what was happening because everyone talked about it, and watched the final season out of morbid curiosity. I've never seen an episode of Westworld or The Sopranos. Probably others but I don't care so much I don't know what shows I've "missed out on".

Stranger Things, however, I've watched bits and pieces of. When Netflix first dropped it, it didn't pique my interest. I've kind of been over the whole 80s nostalgia trend since it began I tried the first couple episodes the first season a few months later and it didn't grab me. And I don't have the issue where I feel forced to watch what everyone else is watching and be part of the cultural conversation. You continue to watch stuff you don't like, I'm fine over here actually enjoying the things I do watch. 

So, season two rolls around, still don't care. But season three, it's summertime and I'm bored, scrolling through tumblr I see scenes with the incredible foursome of Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica kicking ass. I make the decision to start the season, and if the other characters don't grab me, I'll just watch those four. And that's what I did, and I had a blast with it. 

When the first part of season four dropped, I didn't immediately go watch. I still haven't watched it. And now that part two has dropped, still have no desire to press play. It's not a spoiler if you don't care if you know what happens, and I know what happens this season and I don't care. I'm still gonna watch my people, and I'm glad that Nancy, Max, and Lucas are joining my dream team. And I think I'm coming to the realization as I type this that I don't like the Byers, Eleven, Hopper, and Will. Would totally be fine without them in the show. And I think the show would be better for it if we just watched the characters I like just living their lives and vanquishing monsters. Oh well, I'll just fast forward. 

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