Nothing Like Being Sick Your Entire Christmas Break

Wednesday, January 4, 2023
My lovely Christmas break from work this year was for 10 days, and it should have been glorious. I needed those 17 days, including weekends. 17 days to relax and chill, go see movies, shopping, and not have to have a 5 am alarm to start my day. I did not get that. For all but 4 of those days, I had every symptom of the common cold you could imagine. Thankfully it was not covid, so my streak lives. But 13 days of being sick when I should have been experiencing the holiday joy.

I started out with a sore throat, something I do not handle well since I had strep throat 6 times in kindergarten, and 12 times total in my childhood. For me it always feels like my throat is closing on me, so I have to hold my hand to the base of my neck so I still feel like I can breathe. So I hate having sore throats. Then the chest congestion started and I was hacking it up for about two days. And regular old stuffy noses started, too. I started taking whatever over the counter drugs I could. As a new symptom popped up, a new drug was introduced. First it was cough drops and sudafed, then it was robitussin and mucinex. Finally after about 5 days of being medicated to the gills, the day after Christmas I decided to go 24 hours with meds and detox, see what my symptoms were after that. I was left with a nasal congestion and post nasal drip. Gross. After that it was standard cold stuff, runny nose, cough, and ear hurts, and that lasted until Monday. Real fun times. 

Sorry for the TMI, but it sucked to have your time off of work, at the holidays, and spend the majority of it sick, and I needed to vent. Here's to a better start to a year than my end of one.
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