I'm Officially (Mostly) Moved In

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

I finally got my studio apartment! And now that the lease on my old place is over, I feel like I am finally officially moved in. Mostly.

I've got my new Purple mattress that I spent $1100 on and a new bed frame that looks like it could be paired with my favorite American Girl Doll, Kit Kittredge. And thanks to that new bed, I got a new comforter and sheets, new bed new vibes. I've got all my clothes and knick knacks mostly sorted. I've got my Wi-Fi and my television hooked up. Now I just need... pretty much everything else. 

I need a real dresser now that I have the space for one, as well as a nightstand for the same reason. Hopefully I can get a tiny little love seat, that I should have enough space for. And more money for me to spend. Oh joy. But these are things I can hopefully keep for a while and take to the next place whenever that is. I am also on Venmo.

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