Here's To The Next Show We Watch Together

Sunday, May 19, 2019
Today is the day the final episode of Game of Thrones airs. Whatever you think of this final season, love or hate it, (and I do think the outrage to it is severely out of proportion given the news out of Georgia and Alabama over the last couple of weeks), it's a monumental occasion and no matter how mad people are about the turn of events in the story, no doubt everybody will be watching tonight.

But it's been said that, thanks to the myriad of shows currently airing and streaming changing how and when people watch television, that this is the last show we all watch at the same time. It's the last show on television that airs weekly that will be appointment television, that everyone sits down right when it airs.

I hope that's not the case. There are amazing shows airing on actual television that are worthy of being appointment, water cooler television. This is the time where I try to get others to watch shows that I think deserve this kind of attention and fervor: The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Barry, Silicon Valley, Killing Eve, Documentary Now. I've obviously been in a comedy phase.

But just glancing at the upcoming shows for the next television season, there are some contenders for that next big show. His Dark Materials seems the most obvious. Based on a popular fantasy book series, stacked cast, and it's on HBO. Even though I've never read the books it is based on, I'll probably tune in for it.

I have hope that in this age of streaming, there will be a show that breaks out like Game of Thrones did, where people watch right from the beginning, and they spread that show through word of mouth and soon everybody has to see it.

So, here's to Game of Thrones and the time we've spent together, and here's to the next show and when we meet again.
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