Trying Not to Binge Watch TV Anymore

Saturday, September 28, 2019
I know everyone loves a binge watch, but I kind of like taking my time with a show. With a binge watch, you don't get to savor a television show anymore. Thirteen hours and that's it. I want to spend real time with a show, thinking about each episode and wondering what could happen next instead of just immediately finding out.

Case in point for me right now: Succession. I am late to the party and just starting the show now, which it seems I'm not alone in that boat. This show is so addictive, it's taking everything in me to not watch it all in one or two nights so I can try to catch up to it. A lot happens in every single episode, and if I did do a binge watch of it, only about half of it would stick because my brain would be overloaded. And this is show about details and conversation, so you actually have to process it. But because I'm taking it slow, I can savor all of the political maneuvering and power moves. Thankfully, I've had an easy time avoiding spoilers for the season that's currently airing, which is making it all the more enjoyable.

And for the record, I'm Team Shiv.
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