I Went on a Quest for Ben & Jerry's

Sunday, February 23, 2020
I had a lovely day with my sister, and I had been thinking about getting myself a pint of Ben & Jerry's as a treat to myself, so I decided to pick one up on my way home. And, since it was the first good weather day since I've moved to New York, I decided to get off one subway stop after mine and have a nice extra couple block walk because it wasn't bitingly cold out. 

I walked into a deli only a couple blocks from my place. They only had froyo flavors. I walked a bit further to another deli, no Ben & Jerry's at all. Went to a nearby Rite Aid, and they only had flavors I absolutely hate. So, I made the trek to a CVS that was three avenue blocks out of my way. I stopped in a deli that was on the way so maybe I wouldn't have to complete the trek. I had to complete the trek. But, they had Ben & Jerry's! 

This took me 45 minutes. 

But, this was the first time I was able to walk around the neighborhood since I moved here. It was like fifty degrees out, I didn't need my jacket zipped up, I was wearing knee hight socks and shorts comfortably. I only wish I had worn my leather jacket instead because it would have completed my cool girl look with my big headphones and my new clear framed glasses. Before I started getting frustrated with not being able to complete my quest, I felt cool, seeing what was around me and listening to some of my favorite music. I felt like a New Yorker.
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