Oscars Recap: Yay Parasite! What The Hell Was That Ceremony?

Monday, February 10, 2020
So the Oscars were last night, and that ceremony was something. Last worked perfectly without a host, this year, they could not figure out a way to do transitions and introducing segments. The whole thing with having presenters presenting other presenters who are actually doing the presenting was completely unnecessary. But I liked Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig's bit, James Corden and Rebel Wilson digging on Cats' visual effects, and Oscar Isaac and Salma Hayek. Those worked. Everything else, they could've done a few more brainstorm sessions for how to put on the show. They needed a new showrunner or director or someday to say "stop this madness".

I did end up liking a lot of who won though. If you saw my dream Oscar ballot, it was pretty much all awarded to films directed by women, and Song Kang-ho for Parasite and Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems, because those were categories that were not represented in films directed by women that I saw. Since only Greta Gerwig ended up nominated for anything, I really wanted her to win for Adapted Screenplay. I've read Little Women and her adaptation was phenomenal. But I love Taika Waititi, and was happy that he was the one who won that award, and deservedly so. (Trivia: He is the first Indigenous person to win an Academy Award.)

I'm glad that award season is over so we can stop talking about Joker, which I do not like at all. So, moving on.

I didn't think Parasite would win anything besides Best International Feature, but it swept all the awards it was nominated for and I'm so happy. An actual good movie, and one of the most talked about movies of the year, actually won. Hopefully, this will spark more international films being taken seriously outside of its own category and be considered alongside the usual slate of American and British films. And when the producer's speech was cut off at the end, I've never seen an audience revolt and demand that the lights and sound be turned back on, which really showed the love people had for Parasite.

Bong Joon-ho after each win was iconic, and he's already become a popular gif after he won Original Screenplay and admiring his Oscar. And making two of them kiss, *chef's kiss*. And his translator, Sharon Choi, is a director herself, so I'm definitely looking forward to whatever she makes, because she was great during this awards season.

So, here's to next year, where hopefully the nominations will make me happier than this year, and as happy as I am about the winners.
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