Clips That Bring Me Joy

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
We all need little bits of joy to brighten up our days from the hell times we are currently existing through. These are the videos that make me laugh and bring a smile to my face.

And The Pips from The Richard Pryor Show

This is such a great bit. Simple premise, excellent execution.

Diner Lobster

One of the best SNL sketches of the last decade, it marries my love of musical theatre and John Mulaney. Also, Bodega Bathroom and Airport Sushi are also excellent.

James Acaster on Would I Lie To You?

James Acaster is weird in the best way possible.

The Basic Ball from A Black Lady Sketch Show

We should celebrate our basic-ness more often.


Taskmaster is one of the best shows on television. All of it brings me joy, so watch everything.

John Mulaney Got Cheated Out of $120,000

Honestly I could have picked so many Mulaney standup clips, but this is the one that gets me. Because I would like to know what you did with my money too, college.

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