I Prefer Reality Shows Where Participants Actually Do Stuff

Friday, June 5, 2020
I don't watch the Housewives of any city, the Kardashians, or any other C-list or lower's show. And even thought The Bachelor franchise is technically a competition, nobody does anything really, and my dislike for the franchise is well documented. I don't want to see people sit around in styled outfits and professionally applied makeup, pretend that they do it themselves, and then sit around and talk trash about everybody. Because a lot of beefs on reality shows you just want to scream at them "LET IT GO".
I prefer reality competition shows. Shows where people are actually there for a reason (like the money prize at the end). I would also contend that these shows are more real than so-called reality shows. There is a shared reality of the competition that people are partaking in, and you have to make do within the rules of the challenges each week and have to deal with the fallout of their actions, whether its their performance or how they act in the house with the other contestants.

It's more exciting to watch people compete than it is to watch endless dinner parties. You get invested in these people. You find heroes and those who have the chance to win instead. Sometimes you find legitimate villains. Sometimes the underdog prevails.

Each competition also has its own style. There's the uplifting and undeniable athleticism of American Ninja Warrior, where I don't know how they do some of those obstacles. The mad dash of Amazing Race. The cutthroat politics of The Challenge, where your political game is just as important sometimes as your performance in the physical challenges. The fun of Holey Moley, where there's a perfect mix of people buying into the game, both on part of the contestants and the hosts, and the self-aware jokes the hosts make during their commentary on each hole. It's so funny, and honestly one of the best things on television.

Or the shows that people enter to help their career. Top Chef, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance. All of these shows require that people be at the top of their game, but needing a show like this to help them break out of whatever circumstances they are in. All of these shows require creativity along with skill, and we get creations like this:

And this goes double for celebrities. The two most popular competition shows where celebrities are the contestants are The Masked Singer and Dancing With the Stars. For Masked Singer, the celebrities are actually performing. And with Dancing With the Stars, you see the result of the effort they put into the show on the dance floor. The whole point of the show is to teach them how to dance, and those who do go forward in the competition and those who don't get voted out. And no matter how good or bad they do, they all seem glad that they signed onto the show. Also, some of the routines on the show are astounding.

If you don't want drama, hardship, triumph compelling and would rather watch rich people fight over petty gossip, be my guest. You're the one missing out on true reality television.

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