Earworm: Hamilton Cast Album

Friday, July 3, 2020
The Hamilton cast album has been in steady rotation since it came into my life in the fall of 2015. I was trying to hold off on listening to it because I had the pipe dream of being able to see the show. That line of thinking did not last long. So by Christmas of 2015, I had listened to the cast album, realistically, a hundred times over. But, my parents being theater loving people and good deal hunters, managed to find reasonably priced tickets to see the original cast on Broadway. Best Christmas/early birthday present ever. March 10, 2016. Best night ever.

And even though the general hype for the show died down and my own love was starting to fade, a good chunk of the cast album was still in rotation, especially when I listened to my show tunes playlist on spotify. I don't really listen to the sadder songs that much, mainly because I need to be in a certain "I need a good, big cry" mood. The songs that I still listen to pretty regularly are (in chronological order) "You'll Be Back", "Satisfied", "Wait For It", "What'd I Miss", "The Room Where It Happens", and "Washington On Your Side".

I think those songs are the highlights of the show. The character pieces of "You'll Be Back", "Satisfied", "Wait For It", and "What'd I Miss". The jazzy political intrigue of "The Room Where It Happens", and "Washington On Your Side".  It all fits to tell some of the stories of the characters in the show and expose how they think and how they operate, all while being great earworms.

It is some of the best of musical theater and what it can do, and why theater is one of the greatest forms of art that there is.

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