I Think I Had the Easiest Wisdom Teeth Removal Ever

Monday, July 27, 2020
So last Wednesday, I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. As it's now been five days, I feel like I can talk about my progress without jinxing anything. 

I'm doing amazing.

Coming out of the anesthesia, I was loopy but still kind of with it. However, you would not know that just by communicating with me, because I sounded like a purring kitten. A lot of "rows" and "ows".

And once that wore off, I was never in huge amounts of pain. Was there discomfort? Oh definitely. But nothing the prescription strength ibuprofen couldn't handle. No oxycontin necessary for me. Also, the swelling didn't really last the first day. I looked pretty normal that night.

This was not what I was expecting because the last two people in my family to get their wisdom teeth out had miserable experiences, and one of them was my sister. She had such a miserable time I prepared for the worst, and really my only issues is that it's still uncomfortable to chew so I'm still on soft foods. If that's my only issue, that I can only comfortably eat pasta and ice cream, then I'll take it.

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