Songs I Can't Wait to Hear (Taylor's Version) Of

Sunday, May 23, 2021

 Now that we've had the first (Taylor's Version) album, it's got me thinking of the songs I'm most looking forward to listening to again.

  1. "State of Grace"
    1. I have made it no secret on this blog that "State of Grace" is my favorite Taylor Swift song. 
  2. "Enchanted"
    1. I just want to hear her voice on the coda, because that elevates it from just another of her love songs. Because of all the songs about love at first sight, not enough even consider the other person might be with somebody else. 🎵 please don't be in love with someone else 🎵
  3. "Style"
    1. The original is such a great pop song, I'm just looking forward to see if there's anything new she finds when she does re-record it. 
  4. "Our Song"
    1. While folklore and evermore have been definite improvements over reputation and Lover, but I hope that when she's revisiting her better albums, especially her more country work, that she rediscovers what's been lacking from her work over the last four years, "Our Song" is one of her best. 
  5. "Should've Said No"
    1. One of all time best songs, can't wait to hear how her voice sounds on it now.
  6. "All You Had To Do Was Stay"
    1. This is low key one of the best songs on 1989 and I can't wait to hear it again.
  7. "The Story of Us"
    1. Again, one of the best on Speak Now, can't wait to hear it again.
  8. "Dear John"
    1. This is gonna be a song that benefits from time and perspective.
  9. "I Knew You Were Trouble."
    1. I know this song was a big hit, but the EDM sounds so much like it came out in 2012, I wonder if this is a song that might face some changes in the rerecord.
  10. "The Last Time"
    1. I like this song, and since it's a duet, that brings a bit of excitement.

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