I Just Wanted Some Baseball Magic. The Rain Had Other Ideas.

Friday, July 2, 2021
You're planning for July 4th weekend with your family. Your team, the Mets, are in town playing the Yankees for a good old fashioned subway series, and you pick the first game of the series on Friday. It's also a night game so less of a chance of getting sunburned. Perfect seats in the 300s with a great view of home plate. Sounds like an excellent night for baseball.

We got there as soon as the gates opened, found our seats, and about fifteen minutes later the rain hit. We waited and waited and waited for it to clear. Then at 8:30 they finally called it and sent the crowd home.

I hadn't seen a baseball game live in years. And especially after the last year and the quarantine, I was so excited to see a game in person again. It was also my first time ever seeing a game at Yankee Stadium. 

Hopefully we'll be able to see a game later in the season thanks to the rain check we got served today, and my baseball magic is only postponed and not totally ruined.

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