What Do I Want For Dinner Tonight?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 The question I ask myself virtually everyday. "What do I want for dinner?" 

I'm never in the mood for specific meals most of the time. Like, I never get hankerings. My sister get hankerings for food all the time and she won't stop thinking about it until she has it. Me, nothing. Unless it's a dessert, but a nutritious meal that does not make.

So then I find myself in food ruts. Eating the same meals all the time, my grocery list looking virtually the same, my delivery orders looking the same.

I'm also not the most accomplished cook. Notice the use of "cook" and not "chef". That is my bar. There are not many meals in my repertoire, admittedly partially out of impatience. I should look for fast and easy recipes to cook, but I think I find one and then it says "prep time 40 minutes", and I say "nope".

Whatever, I'm just gonna heat up some frozen chicken nuggets.

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