I Loved The Field of Dreams Game and I Want More

Friday, August 13, 2021

 So, even though I've never seen Field of Dreams, I tuned into the Field of Dreams game. One, because it was a huge deal event, and two, the field itself looked so cool.

And even though I've never seen the movie, I still know the magic of this.

Come on! That was an all-time moment. 

The best part about the game was that it was also just an exciting game of baseball. Leads changing, multiple home runs. And they saved the best for last. The entire 9th inning, ending with the walk-off from Tim Anderson was just magic.

What other movies can we create games out of? I need more of this! The Sandlot is totally possible and MLB should start looking into putting it together fast if last night's Twitter trending topics were anything to go by because I would love to see professionals playing baseball like the rest of us. And if they can find a way to put on an A League of Their Own Game, my heart would be so happy and full.

Now switching sports, what about a Friday Night Lights themed football game? Get the Cowboys and Texans to pretend to be the Dillon Panthers and the East Dillon Lions and have the ultimate Texas football showdown. I might actually watch a football game if that happened.

Or just games in different locations than their usual stadiums? A baseball game in Central Park! A basketball game on a regular blacktop anywhere in the country! Football on a regular field! The NHL already had games on Lake Tahoe. Other leagues need to catch up!

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