Knots on Knots on Knots

Wednesday, August 18, 2021
I can feel when a new one is being formed. It grows like a scale that then gets formed onto my back and builds and builds. It feels like I'm growing a hunchback, so just send me to Notre Dame so I can start my new career as the attic dwelling bell ringer.

Now it doesn't even take that much to add another scale to my collection. Just walking around and moving my shoulders can do the wrong trick. 

The almighty combination of heavy lifting and plain old stress and anxiety. How I would normally fix this would be to go get a massage, but I don't know how safe it is. I'm fully vaxxed, but I don't know the safety protocols of the masseuse. And I especially don't feel comfortable with the Delta Variant going around. 

So I'm gonna have to keep up with the heating pads and stretching it out. But I really want a massage, it's been so long and even without the knots I love getting them. 

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