Can't. Compute. Narrative.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Thanks to work and its long hours, when it came to watching television or movies, I needed things I didn't have to pay attention to, so my brain could wind down from the day and could get me to sleep. Attempting to process and follow a narrative would have sent my brain into overload. Which means I'm behind on Succession, Sex Lives of College Girls, and so many others that I'm forgetting because I'm just not plugged into what was on tv. Forget movies.

Now that job has ended, and I still can't process narrative. I'm assuming it's cause my brain hasn't adjusted back just yet. And I don't want to start a show or movie I'm looking forward to in fear of getting halfway through and turning it off, never going back and finishing it. Just letting it languish in my continue watching queue. 

I just need to find a low stakes piece of entertainment to get me back into the groove of paying attention to a story. Maybe it could lend to me picking up a book, too.

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