A Great Day at the Races

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Yesterday, the family went to witness the Millrose Games for the second time. But in order to get there, nor'easter!

I was meeting my sister so we could head over to The Armory together. But the nor'easter hit, the plows had come so I figured the bus would be the better option. It was not. So I ended up having to walk fifteen blocks in the snow. Not fun.

But then we got to the Millrose Games and it was so fun. Just being able to see sports in person again was great, especially after our last attempt at it was ruined by weather. So, being indoors was great. 

My family loves the Summer Olympics, especially track and field. So to see a track and field meet in person was glorious. It's a different vibe than any other sporting event I've been to, because unless you're rooting for an athlete in particular, you really just want to see a great competition. And we saw a great competition.

Then we had to leave The Armory and it was so cold, but at least it had stopped snowing. We went to dinner for a couple hours, had a great time, and I had to walk two avenue blocks to get to my train. My family's station was on the corner next to the restaurant. I had to walk two avenue blocks. So on my way home, I stopped at my corner deli and got a hot french vanilla to warm up after a very cold day. But a great day. 

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