I Want to Get Better at Word Games

Friday, February 25, 2022

Wordle has been sweeping the nation, and I am one of the ones who got swept. I've been playing everyday for the last few weeks, and steadily improving my gameplay. I was very proud of myself when I got tacit and caulk correct. I also play Words with Friends with my mom most nights, with me winning more than not, because I take advantage of the bonus tiles more, but she's learning and has been winning more and more, good for her, I like when the games are competitive.

Now, the granddaddy of word games is the crossword puzzle. I am very bad at them. Vulture has started doing a weekday crossword so I've been doing those and mostly failing. I haven't even looked at the New York Times crossword because if I can't do the Vulture one, no way in hell can I do the Times. My sister, is great at them, and tells me so.

I do them every day, but there are puzzles I get most of the clues and puzzles where I get barely any. It all just depends on my pop culture knowledge, and my pop culture blindspots. I really don't want to google answers or do the reveal word option, but there are those major cross sections that you need in order to crack the puzzle I just don't know the answer to. So many puzzles with barely any words filled in because I know nothing about Survivor or RuPaul's Drag Race

I keep trying, and I will keep trying because I want to be able to do these puzzles. I also want to beat my sister at them. 

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