No Better Birthday Celebration Than Dinner and a Show

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Yesterday was me and my twin's birthday and we decided to celebrate with dinner and a show. Honestly, the best way to spend a birthday.

Because it was my birthday, I wanted to pick out a nice dress, even though it would be hidden most of the time under my big coat and the darkness of the theater. So, I picked my new little black dress and I felt like a sophisticated lady. 

We went to a nice Italian restaurant and I got the beef bolognese and it was delicious. It's a restaurant we've been to a couple times before, and it's one of a few that's on our list of regular places to eat, which, as important it is to try new places, it's also important to have your regular spots. Just don't make them too regular, otherwise the feeling of going to those places goes away.

So the restaurant was in Bryant Park, and we were seeing Company at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, so we had to skedaddle once we got out, but we made it to the theater with ten minutes to spare. Nothing like the rush of making it to a show on time, an experience we don't usually have because we were raised to be early to doors opening. 

Company was fantastic. It was actually the first ever Stephen Sondheim production we had ever seen professionally staged. (My high school did Into the Woods, but it was high school.) We've been lucky enough to see Broadway shows since we were five years old, so we're happy to finally cross this off of list of shows to see, especially since Sondheim passed away. And to top it off, to see a production that was such a reinvention of the material, with Katrine Lenk as "Bobbie". We also got to cross off Patti LuPone, Christopher Sieber, and Christopher Fitzgerald off our list of big Broadway stars to see on stage. I do also have to give a shoutout to the production design and staging because that can sour a production of Company, as my sister can attest because she watched a filmed production and absolutely hated it, and the only reason we saw this one was because of me, and she liked it. So, you're welcome sis.

All in all, a great way to spend your birthday. Though it is odd see Company on your birthday. Like the existential questions that show brings up is odd on a day you usually celebrate. So. Fantastic show.

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