My Jeans Shopping Odyssey

Saturday, March 19, 2022

So, I have not had luck shopping for jeans over the last few months. And at first I was just looking to add another pair to my rotation. Then, all my jeans decided to wear out at the same time. And I got a new job where jeans are the best option. So, I needed jeans. 

Unfortunately for me, I am 4'10" and not a stick, so buying jeans is hard for me. I can't just buy some online and know they'll fit right. I need to try them on and see how the waist fits and, importantly, how long the legs end up being so it looks like I have massive ankles.  

When I do go jeans shopping, I do not care where I get them, as long as I can find pairs that fit me. I am not a jeans snob, because I can't be. So whether it be Zara or Walmart, if they fit me and they're cute, I will buy them. 

I decided to go to Times Square and check out Forever 21 because I can usually find jeans that fit me there. And I found a few pairs and a cute skirt to try on, but their dressing rooms are still closed. So that was a bust. Especially cause the skirt was cute, but it was a style and material I'd never worn before so also something I needed to try on. Onto the next store, but I was already starting to get frustrated and I hadn't even tried anything on. Thankfully I was in Times Square, which means I was surrounded by stores I regularly get jeans from. So I decided to head to H&M. There, I could actually try on the jeans. And all three pairs I tried on did not fit, and those were also the only jeans I could find that were my size and not those stupid 90s jeans that are trying to make a comeback. 

I was starting to feel more defeated after almost two hours of trying, so I thought I'd try again tomorrow. I went to the Times Square subway station, but decided to maybe try the H&M that's a twenty minute walk from home. So I changed subway platforms and headed to a second H&M. I found a couple different styles of jeans but those also didn't fit. So I left.

But, I saw the Old Navy across the street and thought why not, what else have I got to lose? Well. I found three pairs of jeans and they fit, including a pair of petite jeans. And then, even better, I found a cute pair of denim shorts that fit, too. And the icing on the cake was that there was a 40% off sale happening so I got all four for $78 bucks. And I had a visa gift card from Christmas so no cost to me, with $22 bucks left over as a nice cushion for when I have to buy actual fashion pieces, even though I've been having a hard time with that, too. But maybe this shopping trip will turn it all around for me.

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