Weather Whiplash

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Winter in New York can be beautiful. Spring is definitely beautiful, especially when the blossoms are in bloom. What is not beautiful is the bouncing back and forth between them. One day it's freezing and I need as many layers as I can manage, the next I'm in shorts and a tank top and questioning whether I need to put on sunscreen and thank myself that I was smart and have aloe.

I just want the weather to make up its mind whether it’s winter or spring. That's all. This is the winter season, this is the spring season. That's it. No more back and forth between the cool spring and the frigid winter. And tomorrow's high is in the low thirties? At the end of March? This climate is ridiculous.

I would like spring to last longer before the horrible New York summer kicks in, too. Much appreciated. 

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