It's Been So Long Since My Last Massage and I Need One Desperately

Monday, June 20, 2022

I love getting a massage. But my last massage was in 2019 and I haven't been back since pre-pandemic. And I need a massage. Bad. 

Not only has just life been stressful the last few years, cause pandemic and all, but work has been stressful. Twelve hour days does something to a person, and you need all the self care you can get to make it through. And the burn out is very real. I have no time to really do it after work, and I try to use the weekends to get my shopping, housework, and laziness in. 

In the first year and a half of this pandemic that is not ending anytime soon, obviously very scared to be in an intimate environment. But now that I'm vaxxed, and it is much safer than it was, I really need to get one. And find a new salon. That's important. I'm also not looking forward to see the New York prices for an hour long full body massage. But that price would probably be worth it after three plus years without a massage. Sorry to the masseuse, because you've got your work cut out for you. 

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