My Sleep is so Messed Up Right Now

Saturday, June 11, 2022
I don't know why but my sleep is so messed up. I have to wake up at five every morning for work, and my brain decides to wake me up at two or three and usually keep me mostly awake until I have to start moving. 

I also don't want to try a sleep aid because the last time I took something, it did not help. During a bad spell of sleep in high school I took some melatonin and it didn't help me get to sleep or keep me asleep. Then the next day I was so drowsy it turned me into a zombie and I had to call out of work on a Saturday night, which meant I missed out on some good tip money. 

The fact I don't drink coffee isn't helping. That would just make it worse, because on top of the tiredness, I would have the shakes and I think that would be a bad combo. 

So now I'm just trying to my best to deal. But I'm getting easily irritated and irritable now so apologies if I'm rude. Unless you deserve it, then I'm not sorry. But also I am cause of my guilt complex. I have issues.
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