Goodbye(?) Twitter, You Wonderful Hellscape

Friday, November 18, 2022

Right now Twitter may be operating today, but with a lot of Twitter staff not staying on for the troll's Twitter 2.0, it seems like it might actually be dying out. And the vibe on the timeline last night was very much like "Bye Bye Life" from All That Jazz.

Just doing what Twitter does best: good and overused jokes about its demise, last words, and sincerity about the friends you made along the way. 

If you look at my feed, you wouldn't think I was that active on it. But I wasn't someone who like every tweet a friend would post or reply to celebrity or trending posts (unless I had come up with a good line or response to a prompt). But I would check it every day for news, both actual and pop culture, sports scores, and just try to find some fun stuff. So I'll miss it for that. Not in the ways it helped to worsen our society, hence the hellscape in the title. Thankfully my Twitter usage never ventured into that.

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