I Want a Studio Apartment

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

I have have roommates since 2014 when I started college, and I would like to live alone now please.

I want my own little space. And a kitchen to myself. And bathroom. Bathroom, especially. Not have to be cognizant of others, can be as neat or messy as I want or need, and relax. I can do my own things on my own time, and not have to wait for others to finish up whatever they were doing. 

A big part of it is that I've never really had a space of my own to decorate. It's always been tiny rooms with no spaces for shelving, fancy tables and chairs, and not great wall space for hanging things up. I've been browsing a few websites looking at home decor to get an idea of what my home style is. 

The main thing I'm looking forward to though, is my entertainment set up. In the apartments I've lived in, I've never had space for my record player or record collection. They never even made the move from home, and I've been missing them since. I could also get a DVD/Blu-ray player, because while streaming is great, as we're learning from HBO Max, just because it's there today doesn't mean you can watch it tomorrow. Which is why I wan my DVD's back and to add to the collection. And maybe be fancy and maybe get those Criterion Editions of classic movies. Just thinking about the lists of movies and music to buy is getting me excited about the potential of my own space. 

And a shelf for my books!

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