I'm Starting to Watch TV As It Airs, and I Really Missed It

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Thanks to DVRs and streaming, no one really watches television live anymore. But, because I was watching Supergirl and The Good Place, both shows that thrive on twists and big events, I started watching them as they aired, so I wouldn't be spoiled by social media. No starting halfway into it so I can fast forward, the old fashioned way. And that's extended to other shows I have taken on, like Superstore, cause it was on before The Good Place and so I figured I might as well, and it's really good, and Dare Me, which more people should be watching.

The one downside are commercials, but the mute button exists for a reason. And I got the to feel the rush of making it back on time from the bathroom break. When my sister and I were little and one of us had to go to the bathroom that was down the hall from the tv room, we would call out after a couple minutes to ensure the other one would hurry up.

With the streaming wars coming in full force, with Netflix (thanks parents), Prime (thanks Sprint), Hulu (again, Sprint), Disney+ (thanks for grandfathering me in Verizon), AppleTV+ (new phone, free year, watch Dickinson). And HBO Max is coming, but my family has HBO so I don't have to pay for that one. Peacock is coming, and I am definitely getting that one, without ads, so I can marathon Law & Order to my heart's content. But it's been nice to watch television before all this happened, the way it was meant to be.

Seriously, maximize everything you can to get this stuff for free, or as little as possible. Split it between family and friends. Share accounts. Or watch tv live. It's still great that way, too.
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