So, No Female Directors Were Oscar Worthy This Year? I Beg to Differ.

Monday, January 13, 2020
Greta Gerwig. Lulu Wang. Lorene Scafaria. All three of them should've been nominated for Best Director. How were they not nominated? Honestly, I'm too mad to articulate my thoughts.

1917 is a gimmick film. Everything I read about Joker is that is was very surface level, and pretty much aped a lot from other movies. I know Hustlers had more of an uphill battle when it came to awards recognition, but Gerwig and Wang couldn't fill those spots?


Also, how was The Farewell not nominated for Best Picture, Lulu Wang not nominated for Original Screenplay for The Farewell. Jennifer Lopez wasn't nominated for Supporting Actress for Hustlers, and Awkwafina not nominated for Leading Actress for The Farewell? I knew the nominations were gonna make me mad, but I didn't know it would be this bad.

I think for 2020, we need to be proactive in supporting female filmmakers, so we don't start being loud about our feelings when awards voting starts. I wrote a community post on Buzzfeed about films by female filmmakers, writers and directors, to look forward to this year. It is by no means comprehensive, because every film being released this year hasn't been announced and the festival circuit hasn't started yet, but it's some to mark down in your calendars.
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