Grey's Anatomy Needs a Revitalization Desperately

Saturday, April 11, 2020
What is going on with Grey's Anatomy? The season just felt like a long, too complicated for its own good, journey to get to the end of this season that ended up being shortened. It would be wrong to say thank god about a shorter season because it was due to a global pandemic, but also not.

First off, how dare you do that to Alex Karev. Izzy? Really? I would have preferred it if they turned him into a missing person and he could be found if Justin Chambers decided to return. He deserved a better end than going back to the person who broke his heart and he completely moved on from. I do not believe he would have ever left Jo if he had the choice.

The real drag of this season was the needlessly complicated mess that was Owen, Teddy, Amelia, Link, and Tom. I get that this is a primetime soap opera, but it's really unnecessary. I didn't care about it last season, but this season they decided to double down on this drama and make it a big web. Mainly because I don't like how they brought back Teddy. I liked that whatever was between Owen and Teddy was always gonna be a "what if" situation. We didn't need to see them in a real relationship, their friendship and the "maybe" surrounding it would always be good tension when done properly. They would go on to genuinely love other people, but that question would still be there.

Also, I liked Amelia and Owen together. But in season 13 when they had to write out Caterina Scorsone for a bit, I don't understand the decision to just have her dip out mentally, then blame it on a tumor, and let her behavior because of the tumor cause them to break up. They were good together, they could have found a different reason for her to be gone.

The storyline I did like this season was the development of Deluca's bipolar disorder, because that was seeded with the introduction of his father and it was a slow build to the explosion it eventually became. I'm sad this season got cut short, because I would have liked to see how it progressed in the final four episodes, but that means we'll just pick it up whenever the show comes back.

My main issue with the show is that the overall tone of the show is pretty sedate. It does feel like Grey's took a sedative. The fun scenes aren't as bouncy, and the dramatic scenes fall flat. There's not much life to it anymore.

One thing I could think could help is more episodes focused on cases and not the doctors' personal lives. Grey's hasn't done a mass casualty episode in a while, where the trauma takes up the whole episode and there's very little time for the personal drama. Those are tense, exciting hours of television and it gets everybody together in the ER and the operating room to treat people. Those episodes are events, and I feel like it's what the show needs. It's a medical drama, make the medicine the focus of some episodes. 

I love this show, and will watch no matter the quality. But after this long in a rut, I don't think I'm asking for too much.

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