Working Out Has Been a Start-and-Stop Endeavor

Thursday, April 23, 2020
In the beginning when I decided to try to be an active person during this isolation period, I was on it. I walked in the morning for forty minutes mostly every day for a week. Then I fell under the weather for a bit, so I couldn't walk for a week. Just the average cold so it made mornings hard and by the time I was conscious enough to function it was too hot for my Irish skin to be in the sun for long. So once I got better I was walking again and that lasted about three days. And I haven't really walked since. Some of that was legitimately bad weather preventing any outside activity. Then the habit was officially dead.

My sister is trying to do YouTube workout videos, so she makes me do them with her as a way to force herself to workout. So that's something. This is the first one we did together.

It was pretty fun, and we're starting to find other videos that we like doing so hopefully we won't get bored of our exercise routine and keep it varied so we keep doing it. 

So we're trying to put in some effort in being active when we're used to being in New York City and walking and taking stairs everyday.
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