Into the YouTube Wormhole with Dancing With the Stars

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
Everyone experiences the phenomenon of clicking on a video, and clicking more just like it, and then the only thing you end up watching for a day. And now that most people are stuck at home, this is probably happening to them more than usual. However, I have been stuck in one for the last three weeks. Obviously it's not the only thing I've watched, but seeing as it has been almost a month and it's still pretty constant, I'd say I'm still in it.

That wormhole is Dancing With the Stars. I love dancing videos. They're one of my favorite wormholes to get sucked into because I wish I was able to do half the stuff in them. Actually, I just wish I had rhythm. But when I go down the dancing wormhole, it is very rarely Dancing With the Stars, which is weird because there are some amazing routines in the show's history. For some reason they don't pop up a lot when I start watching So You Think You Can Dance clips.

I like Dancing With the Stars because it feels like the celebrities are humbled a bit when they're learning each new dance and are faced with more difficult choreography each weeks. Also, it's a reality show where a contestant's survival is based on how well they perform, and I will take a competition show over something like the endless amount romance focused ones any day of the week.

The pair that got me hooked on it was Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold from season 25. He did have dance experience, but in all the routines I watched, it seems he got some of the most complex choreography in the show's history. Like this jive, it's ridiculous.

Also you should definitely check out their redemption Charleston, trio salsa with Corbin Bleu (one of the best trios in the show's history), quickstep, freestyle, and fusion routines, all worth rewatching a million times.

But by following one pair, you also find other routines by the professional partner and the other seasons they were in, and really expands your viewing. 

Like this trio samba with Paige VanSant, Mark Ballas, & Alan Bersten,

Honestly, you should follow the Mark Ballas wormhole, because he has some of the most interesting choreography and ideas. Especially his routines with Paige VanSant and Lindsey Stirling.

And this waltz with James Hinchcliffe and Jenna Johnson, filling in for his regular partner Sharna Burgess when she was out with a knee injury,

This waltz does a better job at explaining Harley and Joker's relationship better than Suicide Squad did. The holds above her head, him holding her at the neck, her trying to break free. James Hinchcliffe was also a surprise of his season as he probably had one of the lowest profiles of the contestants, but he was one of the standout dancers of the season, and finished in second place behind Laurie Hernandez and ahead of Calvin Johnson, Jr. who was another delightful surprise. 

You can easily take each of these three videos, go down the wormhole and find some amazing performances, all well worth occupying your time while you're stuck at home for the foreseeable future. 

And for kicks, because I said it's one of the best, here's Jordan, Lindsay, and Corbin's trio,

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