Chillin’, Literally and Figuratively

Friday, November 19, 2021

The job I'm on now has finished filming, so we're just wrapping thing everything out and chilling, looking for that next gig. That's not chill, but I'm staying in the mindset of the chillness or wrap out. It's a vibe that I don't usually possess, but this job has also affected my vibes in a way previous jobs haven't. The last few days before IATSE's near strike, the weird vibe if that time got to me, too, of just like, I don't know if we have work on Monday or not but we're still carrying on even though the strike felt like a near certainty. And then it didn't happen and it was back to normal, and now it's chill. Except for the looking for the next job thing, that's kind of harshing the chill, but I'm trying not to let it.

It's also so cold. Like, wore socks over my tights so my feet don't freeze but I can still look cute, cold. Yesterday it was 68 degree day, and today it feels like the gods were teasing us before sending us to our frozen hell for the next few months. So I need to do all the fall things before it gets unbearably cold and dressing 95% for warmth instead of where I'm at right now, which is at about 60%.

I'm planning on doing a walk in Central Park to see all the fall colors and you'll probably see a post inspired by that, hopefully with pictures. Maybe I'll stop and get a hot french vanilla for my walk and put on a podcast. 

Just trying to keep the chill going for as long as I can. 

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