I Saw My First Broadway Show Since February 2020

Sunday, November 21, 2021

I finally made it back to Broadway! The last show I saw before the world ended was Moulin Rouge. And now, 21 months later, my first show in this new world order is Six. And it was a blast! I'm glad the first show I saw back was such a fun jolt of energy. And it has me super excited for what other shows I can get tickets to.

The production I was looking forward to seeing before everything shut down was the Katrina Lenk led revival of Company. The original cast album is one of my favorites, but I've never seen a production of it before, and to see one that's taking the material in a new direction will be a cool thing to see. And I loved Katrina Lenk when I saw her in The Band's Visit, so to get to see her again will be a treat. 

Other than that, I'll have to look to see what's opening. I hope to see some straight plays, too, broaden my Broadway horizons a bit because usually when picking shows when growing up and it'd be a once a year thing, we'd try to see the big musical. But now that I'm in New York and not Florida and can go whenever I want/get a good deal on a ticket, I can see more plays and musicals.

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