Earworm: Lianne La Havas' Blood

Saturday, December 14, 2019
This album has been out for four years and it's still in constant rotation for me.

It's very ethereal. That's not to say that there's no substance to the music. A lot of times I think artists are aiming for that ethereal feeling, so the production on their songs is super light and airy, and there's no real depth to it. For Blood, there is actual weight to the songs.

The opening track, "Unstoppable", is a love song that is not the typical love song. It's my favorite kind of love song, and that's about the feeling a love, which is different from the usual because most songs, no matter how general or specific it is, is about a person. It's an epic of a song.

Two of my favorite songs on this album, "Midnight" and "Tokyo", both deal with being alone. "Midnight" is a celebration of being alone, and having adventures that no one will know about. "Tokyo" is definitely more about loneliness, and would fit in with Lost in Translation.

It just fills you up when you listen to it. And that's really what you want when listening to an album in full.

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