I Want More Heist and Whodunnit Movies

Monday, December 2, 2019
With Knives Out coming out this year and Ocean's 8 coming out last year, it really got me thinking about my favorite whodunnits and heists, and I could barely count to ten. Which is a shame because when done well, they are exhilarating. The twists and turns! The successful heists and murderers revealed! Cheers all around!

I get that these movies are very hard to pull off. The script needs to be tight. All the twists and turns that you love need to be seeded properly in the script or make sense in a big reveal montage, and not make it feel like the writer couldn't come up with an ending and pulled something out of left field.

Also, these movies tend to be mid-budget movies, which are being wiped out by all of these big blockbusters, a lot of which are fine at best. But those blockbusters make a profit, especially overseas for studios. They are sure bets, whereas some the some smaller movies that aren't for a mass audience are a risk and, no matter the quality of the movie, may lose money for the studio.

As much as I love the Avengers movies and some of the big blockbusters, it was nice to see a big ensemble movie with no CG1 armies to fight, and the world wasn't about to end.

But looking at the success of Knives Out, it can be done, and should be done more.
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