Purple Is The Best Color (It Also Happens To Be My Favorite, But I'm Not Biased)

Thursday, December 5, 2019
The best color of all time is purple and it's been my favorite color for as long as I knew what colors were. All I wore was purple. If I couldn't wear purple, I would wear colors close to it like red and pink. My childhood bedroom was purple. I named my first fish purple. People have said my eyes look purple sometimes. I love purple. I don't know how this obsession started, but I'm okay because I'm right. Purple is the best.

For me it's the color that screams warmth the most, because I also am not a fan of the color orange. Too gregarious for me. My wardrobe is most accurately described as 'dark mode'. I would like more purple in my wardrobe as an adult, but it's hard to find actual purple clothes. And that makes me sad, because deep purples, kind of like an eggplant or wine shade, are really flattering with my skin tone.

It also feels like a great in between of 'girly-girl' and 'tomboy', which shouldn't be a definer for people because you like what you like, and you can be more than one thing. I digress. I was kind of both growing up. I played sports and, once I actually started caring about my appearance, I got really interested in style. It can be used in a really nice floral print, or go with my combat boots.  

I just recently invested in a fancier template for this blog, and literally the first thing I changed was the font color to purple.

My love will never die.
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