Just Bought Sunscreen and Aloe, So It's Officially the Start of Summer

Saturday, June 12, 2021
I have that Irish skin. So sunscreen and aloe are must haves just for me to survive these horrible summer months. 

Most sunscreens are awful for my skin, aside (but not always) from burns. It dries it out and that is not a helpful feeling in an already dry and hot climate. So this time, I decided to upgrade to the Neutrogena SPF 100 sunscreen. It's the highest SPF I've ever used so I'm hoping that helps with the whole not burning thing. And it's my first sunscreen from a skincare brand, so I'm hoping that also means that my skin is taken care in multiple ways.

I'm still gonna be a hot tomato at some points, because that is my life, so I got aloe. Just the Target store brand as that was all that's available, but that doesn't matter because aloe is aloe, and it is in my fridge as I type and will be ready when I inevitably need it.

Here's to summer fun ad taking care of your skin!
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