It's Been So Long Since I've Watched a Movie

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

 I think the last movie I saw was when I was able to go see Almost Famous, in January, and that was after an even longer stretch without a movie night. I for some reason cannot concentrate on a thing for two hours.

This really started during the early days of lockdown and quarantine for the pandemic. For some reason sitting for a movie seemed daunting. But tv, because you could chunk it. If you want to watch an episode of a drama, and then watch a second bringing your total to two hours, it's not as big of a deal since there is that break between episodes. You can go to the bathroom, get a snack, fart around on your phone and not feel like you're interrupting the story that's being told. 

And I would love to watch a movie. Every month when new movies show up on streaming services, I go through and add all the movies I've wanted to watch to all my different watchlists. There are so many that have been on my personal "why haven't you seen this yet" list. 

(Another factor is that my hours at work were ridiculously early and long, so I also barely add the time or energy to watch tv during the week, and weekend were for catching up on sleep.)

I just need to pick a movie, lay down, and watch it. But, what do I watch?

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