Television Shows I've Never Seen an Episode Of, At All

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 These shows are considered the best of the best the medium of television has to offer. I have not seen an episode. I may have seen clips, but I haven't sat down and watched even the first episode of these series.

There are shows that, especially before DVR and streaming, you just miss it. Maybe you could catch a rerun eventually, or if you’re willing to invest your money into it, buy the season box set and catch up before the next season. Or, like, some of these you were just too young to watch.

The case with some of the more current shows is that there’s just so much television now that you have to pick how many shows you take on. Or they are more niche shows that gain cultural cache but you are so far behind the run that it seems too daunting to catch up. Or you just see a show that’s totally up your alley, say you’ll catch up over its offseason, and then just never do.

Some of these shows I will probably never watch, some I just haven't gotten to yet. Some of these are a point of pride that I haven't watched them and will never watch it, so suck it. (And there are shows I wish were on this list, but unfortunately do not qualify.) 

  1. Six Feet Under
  2. Friday Night Lights
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  4. Freaks and Geeks
  5. The Americans
  6. Better Call Saul
  7. Hannibal
  8. Pushing Daisies
  9. Twin Peaks
  10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  11. Scandal
  12. M*A*S*H
  13. Star Trek (any of them)
  14. House
  15. RuPaul's Drag Race
  16. Arrested Development
  17. The Wire
  18. The Sopranos
  19. Sex and the City
  20. I Love Lucy
  21. The X-Files
  22. Frasier
  23. Lost
  24. Mad Men
  25. Big Brother
  26. Girls
  27. Dexter
  28. The Simpsons
  29. Seinfeld
  30. The Walking Dead

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