Can 2D Animation Make a Comeback Please?

Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Since Disney+ launched, I've been watching a lot of the cartoon movies and television from my childhood, and some I had missed like The Great Mouse Detective. As much as I love Pixar and all the really cool 3D animated movies that have been made, I really am missing 2D animation.

I miss how they looked like moving paintings and drawings, and the look of it being hand-drawn. I love seeing the different art styles that come with it. 101 Dalmatians doesn't look the same as Beauty and the Beast, or the same as Treasure Planet.

I'm not saying do away with 3D animation completely, but having some of these animated movies using 2D animation could be a good addition to what's being made today. It's one of the many, many reasons why Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was such a breath of fresh air, because they had characters from different Earths, they had different art styles.

Also, some of the best cartoon series are done with 2D animation. DuckTales, BoJack Horseman, Kim Possible, among others, so you can't say that audiences, especially audiences for children's movies, don't have an appetite for it or aren't exposed to it.

Technology for animated movies have improved so much in the last twenty-five years that even a hand-drawn animated can be completed on a faster timetable, and still be quality animation. And Disney/Pixar can look in house for this would work, because one of the Pixar SparkShorts, Kitbull, was hand-drawn, and still used computers. It was gorgeously animated, on top of being a beautiful story that was well told. There's also the Paperman short, that was a hybrid of hand-drawn and computer animated, and it's in black and white.

This is the nostalgia people should be recreating. Not the carbon copy remakes, with thirty extra minutes of new material with no actual content (exception that proves the rule is Cinderella, that was actually necessary and good). I want new stories told in the same way as they were in my childhood, not the same story told in a told in a different way, but worse (again, except for Cinderella, such a good movie).
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